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Thursday 07.05.09

  • Thuesday night will be used as a first check whether data submission works. Please send your data to the FTP server until Friday noon. 
  • File names: , i.e.  session ID = 00
  • Each group gets a key-card for the IfT building. Volker leaves his card under a stone below the trailer over night.
  • Next meeting Friday 16:00 in the meeting room. No meetings on Saturday and Sunday.
  • The official start of the campaign is Monday.
  • On Sunday 16:00 Ulla and Volker will check the weather forcast for Monday and announce the decision about measurements on Monday.
  • Time synchronisation: I use a small program Dimension 4 ( to get the time automatically from a list of time providers. Dimension 4 can also be used as a time server for other PCs in a network, so that only one PC has to get the time from outside once in a while.