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Sunday 10.05.09

Measurements tonight were successfully performed.
No measurements on Monday morning and afternoon.
Next meeting: Monday 11.05.09 1600 local time in the IfT meeting room.
Please upload your data.
The name of the sonde is ''


Let's measure tonight!

The weather forecast for today afternoon is good - as you can see already.
Cirrus and later mid-high clouds are forecasted for the late night.
Mid-high clouds are expect not before 21 UTC.
Monday looks rather rainy until Tuesday afternoon - maybe.

Let's use this chance before the mid-clouds come and start latest at 19 UTC with measurements.

Because one or the other has to change the config later, we divide the night in two sessions, i.e. two files:

Sunset is 1849 UTC, civil twilight until 1928 UTC.

  • Measuremets today:
    • All measurements before 20 UTC go in Session_ID 00,
    • all measurements after 20 UTC go in Session_ID 01.

Start not later than 1900 UTC
Change config and Session_ID close around 2000 UTC
Measure at least until 2200 UTC.

Configuration files (from Ina's email today):




uptimes session 00
uptimes session 01
quicklooks sessions 00 and 01