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In this diary you find for each day actual information about the measurement schedule, wheather status, radiosounding launches, etc. For each measurement day you find also a plot with the uptimes of all active systems as well as quicklooks.

The system uptimes has been obtained from the delivered data. Hamburg hh01, Leosphere, and Jenoptik systems are running 24 hours.

The quicklooks show the measurement times of each session (red boxes) . Pink boxes indicate the time periods that have been selected for comparison. An overview on all session can be found here (all in one pdf-file 16 Mb).

An overview about all comparison time periods is provided as csv-file and as xls-file.

Here you find a table indicationg the match between the comparison time periods and the measurement times of the individual systems (csv-file or xls-file).


MediaPage Wednesday 06.05.09
MediaPage Thursday 07.05.09
MediaPage Friday 08.05.09
MediaPage Saturday 09.05.09
MediaPage Sunday 10.05.09
MediaPage Monday 11.05.09
MediaPage Tuesday 12.05.09
MediaPage Wednesday 13.05.09
MediaPage Thursday 14.05.09
MediaPage Friday 15.05.09
MediaPage Saturday 16.05.09
MediaPage Sunday 17.05.09
MediaPage Monday 18.05.09
MediaPage Tuesday 19.05.09
MediaPage Wednesday 20.05.09
MediaPage Thursday 21.05.09
MediaPage Friday 22.05.09
MediaPage Saturday 23.05.09
MediaPage Sunday 24.05.09
MediaPage Monday 25.05.09
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