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EARLI09: EArlinet Reference Lidar Intercomparison 2009

This campain took place im May 2009 in Leipzig, Germany. It is part of the EARLINET ASOS quality assurance program.

One of the main objectives of EARLINET ASOS ( is to assure the quality of the lidar measurements of all EARLINET-ASOS stations by means of direct lidar system inter-comparisons with approved reference lidar systems, and by means of controlled regular internal quality checks. This activity will ensure that the data products provided by the individual stations are permanently of highest possible quality according to common standards and are thus usable by the research community in a homogenous manner. The quality assurance will strengthen the competitiveness of the individual partners in their area of research.

The EARLI09 campaign in May 2009 in Leipzig was the first step of the direct lidar system inter-comparisons. During this campaign the EARLINET ASOS reference lidar systems
have been approved and the internal quality-check tools have been tested. The reference lidar systems are expected to measure at the three "standard" backscatter and two Raman wavelengths and must be mobile. In a second step each EARLINET ASOS station will be compared to one of the mobile reference lidars in 2009 and 2010.

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